Embracing sustainability at its best

At Sustainable Disruption LLC, we believe that using energy-efficient and data-driven solutions to meet economic, societal, and environmentally growth is critical now more than ever.

What we do

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Research and Innovation

  • Calculating carbon footprint of products, livelihood, lifestyles, and services.
  • Actions to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.
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Carbon Footprint of Digital Products

  • Calculating carbon footprint of digital products and services.
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Bussiness managment

  • Due diligence and compliance.
  • Offering guide to switch to sustainable best practices and operations.
  • Establishing and developing corporate social responsability & sustainability plans.
  • Audit, analysis, and certification under ISO 14000.
  • Carbon footprint analysis.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Environmental Product Declarations.
  • Ecolabels.
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Renewable energy & energy efficiency

  • Solar panels; phtovoltaic modules.
  • Energy managment systems (EnMS).
  • Smart Control Lighting.
  • Thermostats and Occupancy Sensors
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Waste: recycling and final disposal

  • Recycling for business.
  • Recycling at home.
  • Electronic waste (E-Waste)
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Forestry: certification & tree planting

  • Tree planting programs and cerftications in collaborations with local initiatives and the Forest Service.
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Green purchasing

  • Sustainable suppliers and vendors